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Your source for safe, naturally effective, biological products to help control smells in septic tanks, portable and temporary toilets.


  • you live in the country or on a lifestyle block with a
    septic tank
  • your soakaway or drainage field is not working properly
  • you own a caravan or boat with a portable toilet
    our products are the natural, environmentally-friendly way to help solve your toilet odour problems without the need for any toxic chemicals and ensure your septic system is working effectively.

PongAway is owned by Biotechnologies Limited, importers of bioremediation products, for all your sewerage system maintainence and septic tank cleaning.

Our key products are:
BioGest Septic Tank Activator - to restore and maintain the natural performance of your septic tank
EcoLoo – to control odours / smell in septic systems, portable and temporary toilets

In addition we have many other natural bacterial products for effective control of the following problems:
Compost accelerator – assists breakdown of difficult materials
Fat, oil and grease degrader – breaks down fats, oils and greases in grease traps
Pond oxidation activator – to keep your oxidation ponds working efficiently
Dairy and piggery effluent degrader – controls odour and remove sludge build-up
Urinal sanitiser – reduces odour while cleaning the system
Bacterial fertilisers – increases soil activity and productivity

Contact us to find out more about these other natural solutions
to pollution and waste management problems

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